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Aneurysmal Pathology Foundation
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Aneurysmal Pathology Foundation


Membre du Conseil Scientifique

Liège - Belgique

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Aneurysmal Pathology Foundation
General Neurosurgical Practice in the University Department of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) de Liège subspecialised in neurovascular, endoscopic endoventricular and tumour surgery in addition to the general skull and spine practice.
Head of the Neuroanatomy Unit in the Department of Preclinical Sciences, ULiège.
Lecturer/Junior Professor, Teaching of Human Neuroanatomy in the Faculty of Medicine, including students in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Motor Sciences and Physical Education.

Current research activities (former research fields excluded):

Participation in the evaluation of endovascular versus surgical treatment of aneurysms including CURES (Dr. T. Darsaut, Dr. J. Raymond, Canada), a randomised trial.
Relationship between neurogenic regions in adulthood and glioblastoma stem cells, with Prof. B. Rogister, GIGA Neuroscience, ULiège.
Genetic characteristics of glioblastoma and their prognostic value, GIGA Neuroscience, collaboration with the Luxembourg Institute of Health (Dr. Van Dyck).
Functional anatomy of the periinsular white matter tracts and their involvement in language. Collaboration initiated: Cyclotron Research Unit and Dept. of Psychology, ULiège, and Zürich University, Switzerland.
Distribution of personality traits in physicians (in a cross-national collaboration).
In collaboration: study of migraine patients including metabolic changes in the visual system and in the aging brain (Prof. D. Magis, Liège, CHU & CHR)