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Aneurysmal Pathology Foundation
Nos scientifiques Pr. EGIDO de los Rios JESUS
Aneurysmal Pathology Foundation

Pr. EGIDO de los Rios JESUS

Membre du Conseil Scientifique

Madrid - Espagne

Aneurysmal Pathology Foundation
Professor of Medicine , Autonoma University. Chief , Division of Nephrology hypertension and Vascular research laboratory . Fundacion Jimenez Diaz Madrid

Director of a research laboratory involved in the pathogenesis of vascular diseases , including aneurysms. We have unveiled the inplication of a number of cytokines , mainly angiotensin II in the process of inflammation, fibrosis and remodeling during vessel  injury. Our lab was one of the first showing that the proinflammatory effects  of angiotensin II was due to activation of the nuclear factor KB (NF-KB). We also demonstrated very early the antiinflammatory effects of statins at the vessel level. Lastly , we are employing different proteomic techniques to uncover novel biomarkers in vascular diseases , including abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). Concerning this last entity we have created a biobank of human samples (tissue, circulating cells and plasma) from patients with AAA at the European level. In those different samples ,we are applying  novel proteomic techniques to searching for new biomarkers . We are also approaching experimental models of aneurysms to test different pharmacological therapeutics